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Anybody can choose a loan based on a cheap interest rate. But a cheap interest rate is just one factor to consider! Locking into the wrong loan product may often leave you worse off through lost opportunity or costs to unwind. At IFS our philosophy is to understand your overall needs first. Only then can we identify the best type of loan products for your situation and needs.


But the cost of not talking to us is higher interest, taxation costs, or the potential devastation of not managing your way through a personal or business emergency!

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Working with Individuals and Businesses

IFS provides premium advice and service to both businesses and individuals on all aspects of their mortgage and finance needs. This is achieved through taking the time to understand your needs in greater detail - both present and future. We then use our experience to consider a range of solutions and lenders. Importantly we work with both yourself and your other professional advisers to help you understand those options and better tailor the right solution for your needs.

Working with other Professional Advisers

It is the philosophy of IFS to work with other Professional Advisers to ensure that clients obtain more integrated and complete advice and solutions. By working in this way together we achieve superior outcomes, faster and smoother implementation, and easier ongoing monitoring for our clients.

At IFS we understand the need for total respect for clients referred by other advisers at all times. We pride ourselves on working with you, highlighting your key role during the process, so the client has a cohesive and superior experience. Through this everyone has a better experience and it is good for everybody's businesses. If you are interested in a professional working relationship with IFS we look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can work together.

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